Thursday, April 30, 2015

Krav Maga: Cardio, Strength, Self Defense Training

Krav Maga in Carlsbad, CA is proud to bring you this Krav Maga article recently posted at a food and wellness section of a popular News Magazine.

Krav Maga: It’s the official hand-to-hand combat style of the Israeli Defense Forces, but it’s also gaining momentum Stateside as a great workout combining cardio, strength-training, and easy-to-understand self-defense techniques.

I first heard about the class through a friend, who entertained me with the story of how Jessica Alba used the IDF platform to get in shape for her upcoming role in “Mechanic: Resurrection.” I was sold on the concept, but also for a much more serious reason: “Could you defend yourself if that man attacked you?” she asked, pointing at the large, 230-pound man walking adjacent to us.

My immediate reaction was to politely call her crazy. So I told her. I could not defend myself against a man that size. Could anyone?
But then, in that moment, I realized that if there were a way for someone like me to defend myself from someone like him, I needed to learn how. I wanted to feel like I could protect myself if I had to.

I walked into the Krav Maga Academy in NYC nervous but determined to understand the practice behind IDF. Our instructor, Matan Gavish, a former Krav Maga officer and instructor for a special-ops unit in the Israeli Defense Forces, was already on the mat preparing for our session.

I took a look around and began to stretch, first observing there were more women than men in the class. In fact, there was only one male in the class, who I happened to bring with me as a very supportive companion on my combat journey. (Gavish later told us that at most of his classes looked like ours.) The class is unique in that you role-play real-life scenarios and effective ways to remove yourself from danger: You learn how to remove a knife fron an attacker’s hand, or even a gun, and how to free yourself from sexual assault and abuse.

“You don’t need to aspire to become the greatest warrior of all time, but you do want to have a few tools in your back pocket, a little ace in your sleeve just in case you have to use it,” Gavish says. “And the only rule of Krav Maga is there are no rules.”

We began our class with an intense warm-up including jumping jacks, push-ups, leaps, and sprints followed by a tutorial of jabs, punches, kicks and combinations. Then we moved on to the hard part: practicing on a partner. “Remember, we do whatever we have to do to cause as much damage to our attacker and get out of the situation as soon as possible,” Gavish told us. “If that means I have to bite, gouge, use my nails [or] kick soft spots, then that is what I am going to do.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Netflix Comicbook Series Daredevil

As we watched the "black masked vigilante" for the very first time, we wondered what type of training actor Charlie Cox, who plays the lead role in Netflix's Comic book Series "Daredevil", had.

After one fighting scene, we can see that Charlie had to learn a little bit of everything. From Jui Jitsu to Kung Fu, from Boxing to Wrestling, the Daredevil series has everything a fighting aficionado is looking for.

Comic book history: The comic book is based on a fictional superhero and is published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, with a little help from their friend, Jack Kirby.

Set in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City, Matt Murdock, as a young boy, is in an accident with an oncoming vehicle transporting a radio active substance.. Although, the radioactive exposure blinded him, this has heightened his remaining senses beyond normal human ability. This has given him a type of sonar which acts as his vision. His father, Jack Murdock, struggles as a boxer to support his now blind kid as he grows up. As he prepares to for a fight, gangsters offer him a substantial payday as long as he throws the fight. He refuses and is later killed. Matt is orphaned, but will always have a a "new look" on life.

Fast-Forward to 2015: Netflix took the comic book series and brought it to an action-packed TV series! Created by Drew Goddard, the Netflix series is based entirely on the Marvel Comics character. According to Marvel and Netflix, Daredevil is the first in a series of shows that will lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries.

Matt Murdock (Daredevil), the lead character, is played by Charlie Cox. Matt is a blind lawyer-by-day, who despite his handicap puts on a black mask and fights crime at night. The villain, Wilson Fisk, is played by Vincent D'Onofrio. Filming takes place in New York City. The first season consists of 10 episodes and premierd April 10, 2015. We have not gone "binge watching" but each episode has left us looking forward to the next!

It was great to hear today that Marvel and Netflix have agreed to a second season, due to premiere in 2016. You can read more about it here.

If you have not watched the first episode, it's time to tune in and see why the action is worth while!