Saturday, April 1, 2017

Carlsbad Martial Arts

Get ready for 30 days of intense training designed to disable and disarm your attacker. Gain strength, agility, and most importantly, you will build the confidence you need to walk alone.

Without a doubt you have many options when it comes to traditional martial arts. With Krav Maga Martial Arts Carlsbad, you will witness how this unique martial arts technique can be applied to your every day life-style. It is like having an arsenal of pocket-sized weapons with you at all times! That's right, no longer will you worry at the thought of panicking while looking for the pepper spray. Krav Maga can save your life!

Don't be intimidated by the MMA gyms in San Diego. With full size rings, kickboxing bags, and in some cases Octagons, these MMA facilities are indeed another gym - and sure you will get fit and learn to fight! Let's face it, when landed at the right time in the right spot, a roundhouse kick can hurt an opponent. The question is, what are the chances the average American can perform a roundhouse kick? Especially when approached unexpectedly from behind. At that moment, you need the skills to be able to free yourself, attack, and avoid further confrontation by calling for help or 911!

You need Martial Arts moves that make every day sense!

krav maga moves

Welcome to Israeli Martial Arts! The real life self defense!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Krav Maga Academy

The Only Krav Maga School in Carlsbad

We love students who are passionate about self defense. There is a reason why you want to learn to defend yourself. As one of our students, you will not only learn to "kick ass", you will get fit, and have fun in every course.

Get loose as he tries to grab you.
Knee him repeatedly in the soft spots.

San Diego MMA training takes its place but that type of martial arts is about "fighting" and staging a fight. Your attacker will not give you the 10-20 seconds it takes to to 'get set'. At our Krav Maga Academy in Carlsbad, you will learn how to fight in real life situations. People often refer to Krav Maga as reality-based self defense training; we like to refer to it as "real life self defense training".

What situation scares you the most?

Call (858) 349-8795 to speak with Krav Maga instructor Benjamin Halcewicz. He can teach you and prepare you for such an event. You will become increasingly confident after each one of our self-defense courses!

Krav Maga Academy Carlsbad
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Carlsbad, CA 92010
Tel: (858) 349-8795

(Next to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Y.M.C.A. and Japan Karate-Do Organization)

Learn Israeli-Military Martial Arts Tactics - Learn Krav Maga!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Krav Maga in San Diego

This is the self defense training program in San Diego that you have been waiting for! Don't be intimated by martial arts, boxing, or jiu-jitsu. Krav Maga training is a self defense program decide to prepare you in real-life situations.

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Krav Maga Carlsbad teaches self-defense to women and girls so they can prevent, minimize, and stop violence.

Krav Maga Carlsbad teaches self-defense to men and boys so they can protect themselves and their loved ones.

Krav Maga Carlsbad teaches self-defense to seniors so they can feel safe and avoid being a victim.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Have fun learning Krav Maga

Krav Maga

Get Fit!
Have Fun!
Learn Self Defense...

at the only Krav Maga School in Carlsbad!

Students just like you are finding out how much fun they can have getting fit, building confidence, becoming much stronger than ever, and best off all "kicking ass!"

It's time you experience the exhilarating workouts designed to give you the ability to defend yourself. Krav Maga training will push you to your limits! Come learn how to disable and beat your opponent!

(858) 349-8795

Self Defense Classes in Carlsbad
6108 Avenida Encinas, Suite A
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Matt Damon used Krav Maga in The Bourne Identity

True or False?

We have to be honest with you. People tend to make this assessment after they've watched Jason Bourne kick ass! Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne and while Matt focused extensively in hand-to-hand combat training and boxing, he never took Krav Maga classes, or real life self-defense training. In fact, IMDb states that his training was a combination of Filipino Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. IMDb also credits Jeff Imada as having trained Matt Damon for such intense fighting scenes.

Of course!

Movie magic happens in every scene, the skills Matt acquired undoubtedly helped him put on a good show, but we also have to credit the camera work and "fight coordination" that was done throughout every fight scene. The camera work is shaky to give the viewer the full effect; thus any error in the fight sequence could be removed without too much trouble. You might ask yourself, so if it is not Krav Maga, could I use some of those moves when fighting? Probably yes, but only if you are an assassin that cannot remember ever being an assassin -- or better yet, you are someone playing that role. Martial art fights like this are not reality; and nothing about them includes reality-based self defense. The fact is, however, that coordinated fighting looks great on film! There are many movies that have incredible fight sequences and The Bourne Identity is one of them.

But, the fighting is not Krav Maga. Krav Maga is intended as self-defense technique designed to disable your opponent. It is designed to keep you alive! That is not to say that Krav Maga training cannot be seen in movies. Quite the contrary, there are many movies that feature Krav Maga training.

Stay tuned! Click on the krav maga in movies link below to find out which ones are our favorites!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What to do if you have to defend yourself?

We hope you never have to do this, but that's what most self defense training is all about. Krav Maga is unique in that we cover real life situations.

However, not everyone takes advantage of attending a class...which is probably one of the hardest decisions to make in your life. Are you willing to walk alone at any time of day?

If not, give us a call, and we will schedule a training program designed specifically for you.

We do understand that you need some self defense tips right now! That is why we don't mind talking with you. Read the tips below and think about what your reaction would be when faced in a dangerous situation.

We are certain that your human instincts will take over. With a little bit of Krav Maga training you will become more confident than ever! Join us today!

Here are the self defense tips we want you to focus on:

1) You must pay attention to your surroundings.

This means be alert, be prepared, and don't think it could never happen to you.

2) You must pay attention to your attacker.

If you are met with a confrontation, observe your attacker very carefully. We are all human, and you would be surprised how quickly you can anticipate his move.

3) Avoid the fight.

Tell your attacker that you are prepared to fight but it is best that you don't fight. Talk to them and try to persuade him to move along.

4) Escape.

If he is asking for key's, money, your wallet, or anything else, throw it away from him; as this will allow you the opportunity to run.

Learn Self Defense

For the next steps, you need some training and practice. We invite you to stop by our Krav Maga studio in Carlsbad, California to join the many students that felt the same way you do.

5) Know how to defend yourself.

Basically, learn how to fight! Learn to get into a defensive position, learn how to kick, and learn how to punch.

Learn Krav Maga

6) Kick his ass!

Enough is enough!

We hope we did not alarm you. In fact, there is no reason to be alarmed or be scared. Instead, pick up the phone and dial (858) 349-8795 to schedule your first class today! You will train with other folks just like you; moms, dads, sons, and daughters.

Self Defense Classes in North County
Learn Krav Maga
6108 Avenida Encinas, Suite A
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Telephone: (858) 349-8795

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Using Krav Maga Against a Gunman

Some would say this Santa Ana, California homeowner, is lucky to be alive! As the most popular self defense school in Carlsbad, California, we like to say, "this man was prepared!"

It was 4 a.m. on Friday September 4th, 2015, when this southern California homeowner heard noise outside his bedroom. His house located in quiet neighborhood off the 2500 block of West Manly Avenue in Santa Ana, California. By the time he realized it was his home that was being burglarized, he says he noticed he had a gun to his head. Two intruders were asking him where the money was.

"I don't have anything, sir." responded Erickson Dumaual fearing for his life.

At this point, the story takes an unexpected twist...but only for the thieves themselves.

KTLA TV reports that as one of the would-be robbers scoured the room for money, Dumaual was preparing himself to turn the tables on the bad guys:

"At this point I went for the gun," he recalls. You see, Erickson Dumaual used his seven years of Krav Maga training to push the man back against the wall and take him down. He indeed felt confident...and why not, Krav Maga self defense training is specifically designed for these real-life situations. Erickson wasted little time to decide to use the techniques he learned to defend himself against an attacker with a gun.

Mr. Dumaual was well aware that it was a risk; but as he explained to KTLA, it was a matter of life or death: "It was tough because he tried to pin me. It's a battle, 50-50, who is going to die here? All I want to do is make sure this guy doesn't hurt me, my family or anybody else."

Erickson Dumaual shares the house with extended family; and we are very glad he could apply Krav Maga techniques to get control of the gun. While the other bad guy panicked and ran, the battle with the gunman continued into the pool. “I tried to tell him to, ‘stop, stop, stop,’ and he comes at me … I had to pull the trigger. I didn’t want to kill him.”

The LA Times reports that Dumaual shot the burglar in the leg and subdued him until the police arrived. The police later identified the attacker as a local gang member. Unfortunately, the other suspect is still at-large.

It is not our intent to alarm you, but obviously this quiet Santa Ana neighborhood is glad to have a neighbor like Erickson Dumaual.

North County Self Defense

As you know, Krav Maga is a self defense method used by the Israeli military and, with this story, it is yet again proven to be extremely effective when faced with an attacker with a gun. Police say defending yourself against a gunman can be dangerous, but, thankfully, Erickson was not a victim. He used his Krav Maga training to effectively turn the tables on the robbers!

What are you prepared to do?

North County Self Defense
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